Palm Desert

Michael Benner


Executive Excellence Training

Objective: A culture of continual improvement in Self-awareness, Leadership, Sales & Service. Strategies: Instruction in Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Critical Thinking & Emotional Intelligence. Tactics:

• Responsibility -- Empower your employees with responsibility & trust. Drive power down to create upward growth. Coach rather than command.

• Respect -- Always treat your employees with respect, whether you wish to reinforce or correct their behavior.

• Stake-holders -- Set some portion of employee compensation to productivity. Offer a base pay plus bonus opportunities linked to personal performance & company profits.

• Motivation -- Go beyond money to acknowledge & express gratitude for good work, both on the job & in the community.

• Stress Management -- Encourage breaks during the work day as well as vacation time-off to promote peak performance through stress reduction.

• Time & Space Management -- Avoid multi-tasking in favor of doing bite-sized tasks one-at-a-time. Organize office space for functionality


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